It is constructed from a bidirectional weave of glass or carbon fiber reinforcing a proprietary solvent free epoxy, forming a composite system with exceptional performance.

Its bidirectional weave provides strength to both hoop and axial directions. It is versatile and can be installed on various geometries such as tees or elbows that require structural reinforcement or leak containment.

It is economical, user-friendly, quick to install even in the most severe climatic conditions.

Various types of epoxy and fiberglass materials have been designed to suit the needs of our clients and to offer solutions to different technical situations.


Surface preparation

The steel surface should be dry and free from contamination. Surface temperature should be maintained at 3°C above Dew point at least.

Abrasive blast cleaning to SA 2.5 as per ISO 8501-1 standard with surface roughness close to 80 µm (Rz) is highly recommended.

unique formulated chemical pre-treatment is used to improve adhesion between steel and epoxy resin. It shows not only higher adhesion strength but also longer bonding performance. This is a partial answer to composite capabilities to keep up performance with time.



FORTEC M has high compression strength capabilities to ensure optimum load transfer, to fill in cavities, gouges, voids and smooth out the surface to be wrapped. Can be applied underwater or in any weather conditions.

It is user friendly with a 1:1 mixing ratio with quick drying properties and good workability.





FORTEC P series, applicable in high thicknesses, they provide exceptional wetting and bonding properties on carbon steel. Can be applied underwater or in any weather conditions. Its bright white colour makes it easier to work with underwater.



Although the FORTEC system provides high anticorrosion properties, additional powerful anticorrosion products such as NEUTRAN HT 411, aluminium and zinc rich monocomponent polyurethane can significantly extend the lifetime of the repair system. When applied on either ends of the repair, it deprives corrosion from any point of entry.

This product is also a user-friendly alternative to traditional zinch-rich epoxy systems.



FORTEC TB series composite materials are either uni-directional, bidirectional or three-dimensional,the fiber reinforcement is either glass or carbon. They are  manufactured to our exclusive specificationsresting on our unmatched experience acquired since 1978.

We also use aramid reinforcement as well as coloured threads for overlapping guidelines, which contribute to the reliability and reproducibility of the system performance.




FORTEC G series are high quality epoxy resins with viscosity and pot-life adjusted for each type of climate:

  • temperate climates
  • hot climates
  • very hot climates.

Bonding properties are exceptional due to very selective raw materials used for our resin based products along with fiber / resin compatibility.

Can be applied underwater or in any weather conditions.

  • FORTEC UW is specifically designed for underwater installations  in ocean depths.
  • FORTEC G HT is suitable for high temperature resistance up to 150°C.


Top Coat

Various top coats are available: 

Clear top coat, coloured top coats such as FORTEC F  or anti UV top coats are available on request.

In order to reduce storage and make the system even more versatile and practical, pigment kits are also available to be mixed with FORTEC G series to provide any RAL colour.



Material Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets are available on request. Please go to our “contact” page and fill in the information sheet to get access to our documentation.