Each repair is covered by a method statement that addresses each of the main procedures to be carried out.

Input to the method statement comes from the following:

  • Risk assessment ( supplied by owner/operator )
  • Working conditions ( supplied by PROKEM )
  • Installer training/qualification ( supplied by PROKEM )
  • Design information :
    • plant operating conditions, layout, etc… (supplied by owner/operator)
    • repair design ( supplied by PROKEM )
  • Material information ( supplied by PROKEM ).

The method statement includes the following information :

Health and Safety:

  • List of materials to be handled including copies of MSDS Sheets.
  • COSHH ( or equivalent ) assessment for the repair process.
  • Details of protective measures to be adopted.
  • List of hazards associated with equipment necessary to install the FORTEC system and equipment in the vicinity of the repair site.