Repair of pipelines with fiber reinforced polymer composite material is one the most efficient methods of restoring pipeline integrity without shutdown permanently or temporarily.

Application of the right composite architecture along with quality materials is key to the performance of the repair.

PROKEM has a long experience with anticorrosion protective coatings and fibre reinforcement materials. The best resin based raw material suppliers have been selected to reach the highest possible performance. Fiber glass or carbon threads are also carefully tested and selected. They are exclusively woven for PROKEM, who designs and specifies the fibre complex architecture.

Research does not only concentrate on sleeve repair strength performance but also on long term bonding performance and installation conditions.

We are also able to tailor our products to specific requirements issued by our clients and sometimes elaborate and conduct specific tests for a particular use.

For our certified testings, we use the facilities of Newcastle University in England, EUPEC (Dunkerque), CETIM, ECAM (Lyon) and LNE (Laboratoire National de M├ęthodologie et d’Essais) in France.

The Lloyd’s has been invited on various occasions to certify important testings and our installation procedure.