The FORTEC™ system is a composite repair system dedicated to the repair of corroded and damaged pipelines for the oil and gas industries.

It consists of a combination of composite reinforcement materials impregnated with a proprietary epoxy resin declined in various versions, that can cure underwater.




  • 1978 : Creation of a the FORTEC subsea pipe repair system in combination with PROCEAN, a diving contractor, specialised in subsea steel structure repairs overseas followed by various installations offshore and offshore.
  • 1982 : First riser maintenance contracts signed with major Oil Companies in Indonesia and in U.A.E. (Sigma oil field).
    Ever since the product has been installed in many areas, onshore for the repair of chemical pipelines and offshore in Asia and Western African countries.
    Many risers were repaired either underwater or above sea level as the FORTEC™ system was the first composite system to be used for that application at the time.
  • 2006 : New technical developments of the product that led to ISO/TS 24817 approval and major contracts with Oil Companies.
    Numerous testings have been made in French and British laboratories. New installation techniques have been successfully developped.

Since then, the FORTECsales have been growing rapidly in Europe, Asia and Africa throughout a new international network of new agents and distributors.

The FORTEC past history shows that some of the repairs are at least 35 years old. The longest lifetime experimented on the market for pipe repair systems.